Edem Topuzov

Ruby on Rails Developer

Фото Топузов Эдем Русланович. Photo Edem Topuzov


St Petersburg, Russia


I'm interested in OOP, Ruby and associated technologies.

I have good analytical skills and quickly study.

I like to learn new things and deepen existing knowledge. So, for example, I love Udemy, Exercism, Codewars.

I prefer to design that the apps are scalable and develop that the code is readable and understandable.


  • Ruby: Rails, GraphQL, websockets, Rails Event Store, RSpec, Minitest, Capybara, OOP, MVC, REST, DRY, refactoring, code style
  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bulma, Slim, HAML
  • SQL: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite
  • NoSQL: Redis
  • Git: GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket
  • DevOps: Capistrano, Nginx, Docker, Heroku, AWS
  • Other languages: Kotlin, Python, Java


  • Sato web app for apartment rent searching
  • Mobiusbike mobile app for bike / scooter renting including SaaS for franchisees
  • PitProduct web app for food company
  • Lend web app for cryptocurrency lending
  • Droptext web app for code snippets sharing
  • See also GitHub account


Work experience

  • Ruby on Rails Developer: Hodl Hodl (11.2021 – present)
    Development of fintech platforms for cryptocurrency exchange and lending.
  • Ruby on Rails Developer: Molinos (05.2019 – 11.2021)
    Design and development of new Rails applications. Support and development of existing applications. Unit testing. Deploy. Integrations with front-end, mobile apps. Telegram bots.
  • Ruby on Rails Teacher: Good Programmer (05.2019 – present)
    Mentoring. Code review. Webinars. Help and clarification. Answers to students' questions. LMS development.
  • Ruby on Rails Developer: Goody (02.2019 – 05.2019)
    Designed, developed and tested new widget features for customers. Backend develop, deploy, debugging and integration with mobile app. Bringing a startup into production
  • Lead Engineer: Production Department, Projects and Estimates Expertise Department (railway building). The experience of 10 years.
    My stress resistance, responsibility, focus on results, ability to team work with a large amount of information helped to ensure that our organization met the targets on time.
    And by the way, I know exactly what Rails are.

Work possibility

  • Employment: full, part-time, project work
  • Sсhedule: full day, remote work
  • Relocation: possible
  • Business trips: ready


  • Russian – Proficiency
  • English – Intermediate


  • Travelling, my cars, handwork, historical books reading